The Cave of Poetry

Today I would like to recommend one of the ten most beautiful natural pools in the world (yes, you read that right!). The Cave of Poetry. It is located in Roca, a marina in Melendugno, on the Adriatic. Roca is an important messàpico site, rich in history. Natural beauty and historic charm make this marina very charming. It is one of the fixed stops for tourists who choose Salento, and is recommended for those who love rocks. Its waters are crystal clear and the sea is always calm.

Also here, it is possible to admire the coastal tower, a tower that had the task of spotting enemies and therefore defending the territory, which is visually connected with the other inland and coastal fortifications. It is called Torre di Roca Vecchia and stands on an island near the ruins of the old castle. In the past it was known as Torre di Maradico.

The Grotto of Poetry, in my opinion, is something enchanting. But I’m not the only one to think that! If you take a look at the reviews scattered on the internet, there are so many to write that it is a “suggestive place to admire the sunsets”, “very beautiful and fascinating”, “fantastic” and I could still go on. All this without spending a euro! Nature is priceless.

Between myths and culture

Moreover, even in this place, there is a legend. Totally romantic. It is said that a beautiful princess loved to bathe in the regenerating waters of the cave, her beauty was so amazing that poets began to arrive first from all over Puglia and then from all of southern Italy. These poets sought inspiration to write poetry and, thanks to the dazzling beauty of the princess, they often found it. They dedicated their verses to the nymphs, to the oriental princesses, to the queens of the north. Hence the name Poesia.

The cave has become a tourist destination much frequented both by Salento and by the many visitors who, not only in summer, invade Salento. Recently, among other things, a messàpico place of worship has been discovered inside the Grotto.

I would also like to point out the presence of an Archaeological Park on the road that connects Torre dell’Orso and San Foca (the other marinas of Melendugno together with Sant’Andrea). Also on this road the Messapian fortifications of Roca Vecchia are visible and passable. In this area, one can observe the recent medieval excavations, hypogeum oil mills, crypts and remains of structures from various eras including the Bronze Age. In short, a mix of epochs that do nothing but confirm the historical, cultural and mythological richness contained in the marvelous Salento.